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Generate actionable insight from robust and reliable data

We help you make more effective business decisions by extracting valuable insight from accurate data, and acting on it.

Measure your marketing

We can provide a full service to help you with analytics for your website. This includes fully flexible setups based on your company’s needs. Our team of qualified consultants will check your existing account to ensure you are working with reliable data you can trust to drive forward your strategy. We can provide you with a comprehensive report on your current setup to tell you what’s good and what opportunities you might be missing.

Whether you’re a new or existing Analytics user, get in touch to discuss your needs. Alternatively, start things off and contact us today for a FREE audit.

We can support with:

  • Data Integrity
  • Planning & Tracking
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Google Analytics
  • Training

Accurate data

The importance of accurate data cannot be understated – we don’t give a view on what data is telling us without thinking first about whether it is correct and how that data can be used.

We are experienced in all major web analytics packages and are Google Analytics specialists. We are one of less than 1% of digital agencies worldwide that have Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) status. This means you can trust our expertise – we have the skills to spot and help you correct inaccuracies.

Actionable insight

The next step is extracting valuable insight from the accurate data and acting on it.

Our analytics and insight team consists of developers, mathematicians and business analysts. This means we bring together the three key areas for successful data capture and analysis:

  • Business acumen for solution design
  • Highly technical skills for complex implementations
  • The numerical and analytical skills required to extract actionable insight from large data sets


Data integrity assessments

As part of our discovery work, we ensure your data is robust and propose solutions to fix any problems our team of experts uncovers. We carry out:

  • Google Analytics health checks
  • Google Analytics audits

If data accuracy levels are low, subsequent insight will be lacking and the decisions it influences are likely to be poor as a result.
Data integrity assessment

Planning and implementation

The creation of a measurement plan and strategy is a fundamental step in our planning and setup phase. It translates your broad business goals into measureable metrics.

Analytics and insight measurement cycle

We can help you translate your business objectives into measurable KPIs, giving valuable guidance for a custom configuration of Google Analytics. We love complex tracking challenges and have an excellent reputation for designing and implementing advanced, bespoke tracking configurations. Our work includes:

  • Measurement strategy
  • Google Analytics implementation


Data analysis and reporting

Discover how your users interact with your website, report on cross-channel performance in a way that provides actionable insight, and ensure your site’s tracking implementation is monitored, refined and constantly improved. We offer:

  • Digital insights and user journey analysis
  • Reporting dashboard setup and performance reporting
  • Google Analytics maintenance and support


Training and consultancy

If you are looking for regular advice for your own marketing team to employ, or require training in a specific area, the CProgress team is able to supply expert opinion and support. We provide:

  • Training – standard, advanced and bespoke sessions tailored to your needs
  • Consultancy – ad-hoc advice and support from senior CProgress team members

Find out more about our training and consultancy services.


Why choose CProgress?

Google Analytics specialists

We are one of fewer than 1% of digital agencies worldwide that have Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) status and are Google Tag Manager (GTM) accredited. This means you can trust us to make sure your data is as accurate as possible. It also means we can share information with you about changes to Google Analytics before other non-partner agencies, keeping you at the cutting edge of developments in this area.

Clear reporting that highlights the true value of your marketing spend

Our analysts create bespoke measurement plans to clearly show what KPIs and metrics will be measured for your campaign or project.

Flexible ‘hands-on’ or consultancy approaches

Our approach is both hands-on and consultancy-led. We are happy to roll up our sleeves and get the job done, or guide in-house analysts in getting the most from their analytics implementations.

Our mission is to empower businesses to use data to make better business decisions

We always want to pass on our knowhow and processes to train and support businesses until they can fully run their own data analysis. A business that regularly engages with its data directly is a stronger business; our aim is to get you to that point.

An integrated digital marketing agency

The analytics and insight team works closely with the other departments at CProgess. We understand the importance of an integrated approach to digital marketing and our work increases the effectivity of your other marketing efforts.

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