Email Marketing

Campaigns designed to generate leads in any market

We can leverage online resources and create an email marketing campaign to help you attract more customers.

Effective email campaigns

Our team can assist in any part of campaign management; whether it’s campaign creation, data segmentation or results reporting. We see ourselves as an extension of your team. Alternatively, we can fully manage campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Responsive design

Our team of designers hold specialist knowledge which ensures that our clients gain the maximum effect from their email campaigns. We know that email messages need to attract the reader’s attention and so we design for delivery and through extensive testing we ensure all communications render correctly.

Responsive email design provides an optimal viewing experience for recipients across all devices. Our team can build responsive templates to meet your campaign needs.


We can assist with all aspects of your email marketing strategy and we draw upon the wealth of expertise we hold within the digital marketing business and the many sectors we work with to help develop your cross-channel strategy.

How we could help:

  • Digital Strategy & Campaign Planning
  • Legislation Adherence
  • Bespoke Projects
  • Market Analysis
  • Testing Strategies


Testing can play a significant part in your cross-channel marketing strategy yet it’s often something that gets little attention due to a lack of time and resource. We can help with testing strategies and fulfilment, whether it’s subject line suggestions or simple A/B testing. We use the results of the testing to help to shape your future.

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