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Email Marketing Trial

June 3, 2018

To show you how confident we are about generating interest, sales or generating leads for your business, we are running a trial email marketing offer.

What is it?

We invite you to run a trial email campaign sending a 2 promotional emails to our 120,000 B2B database, which includes key decision-makers. We can filter our records to suit the business type and location you would like to reach.

It’ll help you generate:

  • Leads
  • Sales meetings
  • Product sales

The cost of the trial is just £345.00 plus VAT.

There are no extra fees and no hidden costs, we just want you to experience the power of email marketing that will enable us to work with you beyond the trial. If you were to buy our database it would cost you £15,600 at 13 pence per record, so this is a great opportunity for you to test email marketing for it to become an integeral part of your business.

Call Matt Guy on 01829 707 860 for further details.

If the trial is successful, we can look at sourcing funding to assist you with future costs.

Sadly, this trial offer is no longer available. If you’re still interested in generating leads using email marketing, get in touch!

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